Tom Teller

Tom is the owner and bartender of the Tiki Bar. He’s friendly with the regular customers and listens to their problems. He’s married to Linda, co-owner of the bar, and father of Kathy, who is the bar’s waitress.

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Pablo the Parrot

Pablo is a wise cracking parrot who lives on a perch behind the bar. He has opinions on everything and is not shy about expressing them. He dates beautiful women and likes to eat caviar.

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Linda Teller

She’s married to Tom and is the manager, cashier, sometime waitress and co-owner of the Tiki Bar. Linda is the problem solver of the bar and the only one who is entirely grounded in reality.


Kathy Teller

Kathy is the 19 year old daughter of Tom and Linda. She works as a waitress at the Tiki Bar. She’s more interested in boys and social media than in working. She loves her parents but is  rebellious.


Ned Lewis

A regular customer at the bar. Ned is a librarian and avid reader. He’s single and has trouble meeting women.


Wally Q. Wallis

A regular customer at the bar. He’s a full time surfer and beach bum. Wally is into 1960’s pop culture, fruit smoothies, and is a way out dude.