This comic strip is about Tom and Linda Teller, a married couple who buy a Tiki themed bar in a small town.  Kathy, their 19 year-old daughter, works as a waitress at the bar. Also featured is Pablo, a wise-cracking parrot who came with the bar.  

Other characters include the bar’s regular customers, Ned, a librarian; Wally, a surfer and beach bum and Amy, a reporter for the local newspaper.

Tom, the owner and bartender, is the strip’s anchor character, struggling to keep his business afloat, be a good husband to his wife and father to his daughter. Tom is the one who the regular customers tell all their problems to. Tom is the sane voice among all the eccentrics, but is also a dreamer.

He is kept in line by his wife, Linda, who is the real brains behind the operation. She is the realist who pays the bills and makes sure everything runs smoothly.  

Both Tom and Linda have their hands full with their daughter, Kathy, who is more interested in boys, texting and social media than in being a waitress.

Ned and Wally, regulars at the bar, are an odd pair. Ned is a would-be intellectual and Wally is in a world of his own. Though Wally often gets on Ned’s nerves, they are, under it all, friends.

The other bar regular is Amy. She gets along with everyone, though is very insecure. Then there’s Pablo the parrot, who is happy to offer his opinion whether asked or not.






Marc has written for many syndicated comic strips including The Rugrats. He has also written for comedians and TV.  He is the author of two novels and numerous short stories that have appeared in magazines and anthologies. Also a cartoonist, Marc's cartoons have been featured in lots of publications including Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal. He has four published books of his cartoons.



born and raised in his dad’s bar in Australia, Jason is now Australia’s most widely-syndicated cartoonist. He is the fifth cartoonist since 1921 to write and draw the iconic Australian comic strip Ginger Meggs, which has been syndicated with Andrews McMeel Syndication since 2000. Jason is Vice President of the National Cartoonists’ Society and past President of the Australian Cartoonists’ Association. He currently works from his studio in New York, and works by night as a stand-up comedian.


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